Which Buy DTH SET-TOP BOX HD or SD Today New First 2020


Today we will talk about which DTH Set-Top Box should we buy HD or SD? I will tell you in the last that I recommend you buy which set-top box. This Post Copy By WifiDTH.COM


First of all, it is very important to know what is a set-top box? What are the types of Set-Top Boxes? Why buy a set-top box? If we take the set-top box, how much will it cost us to buy the set-top box? And later on how much do we have to pay to run the set-top box? Is there any cost after buying the set-top box? Which company will buy the set-top box right for us?

Which DTH company is running best in 2020, in which we enjoy good service as well as good picture quality? The answer to all these questions will be found in this post, read the post carefully.

What is DTH Set Top Box?

First of all, it is very important to know what is a set-top box? A set-top box is an electronics machine whose job is to show the picture in a DIY, such as a TV, LED, or monitor. You can add any other tool to the set-top box in two ways.

You can connect the first AV (Audio-Video) cable and second with HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable. There is no work till here, a DTH Antenna is also connected behind the set-top box, but we will not talk about it in this post, in this post we will only talk about the set-top box.

What are the types of set-top boxes?

What are the types of Set-Top Boxes? Friends, 4 types of set-top boxes are available in India so far.

  1. SD (Standard Definition)
  2. HD (High Definition)
  3. Android

SD ( Standard Definition) Set-Top Box.

This set-top box has the option of providing audio video cable which is connected to the old TV, if we see this set-top box by connecting it to the upcoming LED / LCD then we will not enjoy that which we Used to get on TV


Because of TV in SD (Standard Definition) Set-Top Box. The quality is very good, if we install this set-top box in LED / LCD then we will not enjoy the fun that we used to get on TV because we do not get the option of HDMI in the SD set-top box. You cannot watch HD channels in this set-top box (there is a technical reason for this).

In HD (High Definition) set-top box, we can give two types of outputs. First, if we have a TV, we can use audio video cable and if we have an LED / LED then we can set-top HDMI cable. Can use the box.

HD (High Definition) set-top box के Benefits.

If you have a package with HD (High Definition) in your set-top box and you are using audio-video cable in your set-top box then you will not enjoy watching the HD channel.

The HD channel will be enjoyed when you use HDMI cable in your set-top box, this cable will be found only in HD set-top box, in this set-top box, you will be able to enjoy both SD / HD channels.


You can use this set-top box in any TV / LED / LCD, you have to use audio video cable to use it in TV, and you can use any cable for viewing in LED / LCD. Can do

But if I believe, always use HDMI cable in LED / LCD, you will get good quality. If you use audio-video only in LED / LCD then quality will get less than HD.


DD FREE DISH – SET-TOP BOX There are two types of SD and HD. If you buy HD set-top box in DD Free Dish, then you will not get HD channels in it like the rest of the company get Likh: Star Plus HD, Star Gold HD.

The advantage of buying DD FREE DISH HD SET-TOP BOX is that whenever you put your SET TOP BOX in LED / LCD, you will get better Quality in HD SET-TOP BOX than SD set-top box.

And speaking of the channel, both SD & HD have equal channels in the set-top box, there is not many channels in any of them, this is why we get to see great Quality in HD SET-TOP BOX.

DD FREE DISH is a free service from the government that we can watch free channels in our house, for this we have to bring dish antennas and set-top boxes from the market. This set-top box only comes from Rs 500 to Rs 1500. Does that you buy a set-top box or local company of the good company.

If we buy the local set-top box, then the set-top box is afraid of spoiling soon. If we take a set-top box of good quality, it will be very good for about 5 years.

Which Buy DTH Set Top Box Hd or SD?

If you are thinking of buying New DTH Connection and you are still confused about which set-top box to buy in DTH. So to get the answer, read this article thoroughly.

First of all, see if we have a TV or LED, even if you already have a TV, I suggest that you buy HD Set Top Box because whenever you bring LED / LCD in the future, you will get LED. / Do not read New Set-Top Box Buy for LCD.

Since now, I am saying that later on, you should not spend money on HD Set Top Box, if you buy HD Set Top Box from now, you will get Rs 200 extra.

If you later buy New HD Set Top Box, then you will have to spend around Rs 1500, if you want to upgrade your set-top box by depositing the set-top box of the previous company, then you will have to pay Rs 999.

Meaning that whenever you buy New DTH Connection, then not looking for 200 rupees extra, see 1000-1500 rupees, so that you do not have to pay later, I believe that we should buy HD Set Top Box.

How much to recharge in SET-TOP BOX?

See, it depends on you how much you have to recharge your set-top box, what plan you select in your set-top box, the smaller plan you take, the less you have to recharge, different plans of the company. On that basis, you have to recharge.

The rest, you have to pay NCF (Network Capacity Fee). If you want to make your plan yourself, if you select the plan made by the company, then your NCF (Network Capacity Fees) is included in it. You do not have to pay anything separately.

How much does the service cost after purchasing SET-TOP BOX?

See, this is not a car that will have to be serviced, yes it can be assumed that if you have taken a car, then petrol will have to be put, meaning you have to recharge in your set-top box.

If we take a bicycle, then there is no cost in it, if the cycle gets bad then we have to take a new one, that means if we take the dd free dish set-top box, then it does not cost anything, same if you have local If you have taken the set-top box of the company, then it will spoil quickly.

If you take the company’s set-top box, then the company gives a warranty for the set-top box for 1-3 years.

Which SET-TOP BOX would be right to buy?

See, it depends on you whether you take a set-top box with a recharge or a free dish. It depends on you whether you can recharge in the set-top box or not.

If you cannot recharge month to month, then take the set-top box with a free dish, if you can recharge then take the Paid set-top box.

Which DTH company has the best service in 2020?

See, no company wants me to fail or people abuse me, the company wants to make itself better, it depends on the DTH service, depending on your area.

Does the company have a Distributor or Service Center in your area? Even if there is a Distributer or Service, the image of the company depends on the service they are giving you.

Now you see that which company is running best in your area, the distributor of which company is able to give you good service, get the DTH of the same company, and if you talk about the company, then the customer care of the company gives you a response…

I have experience in DTH Feild for 5 years, if any question is related from DTH, then please message on Instagram, answer both questions and service.

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