What is the Best Vi Vs Jio? Best Internet Plan Jio Vs Vi Sim card in 2020


Vi Vs Jio: If I attack someone alone, maybe the frontman runs away or I can attack from the front. If instead of 2 people attacking 1 person then it becomes easier to attack.

In the same way, Jio Sim means that the same has happened to Jio Company. Jio company has also been attacked by 2 companies, meaning that 2 companies are competing against Jio. The recently launched vi Simcard is now going to compete with Jio in the market.

What is the Best Vi Vs Jio?

A lot of people are now seeing which company has the cheapest plan while targeting vi vs Jio on the internet.  Jio Is the cheapest internet, calling, SMS, and service best? Or is the just-launched vi Simcard company going to keep everyone behind? To get answers to all these questions, read this article thoroughly. In this article, we will tell you about vi vs Jio, which one will be best for you and all of us?

What is the Best Vi Vs Jio

What service is Jio giving us at this time?

Jio was launched in December 2015. No company can do what Jio did first. Do you know what Jio did while launching? If you do not know, then let me first tell you about Jio, after that we will talk about Vi Simcard.

When Jio launched its new Jio Simcard. Then Jio first created trust with his customer meaning that Jio built trust with his customer. What is the product of Jio, how is the service of Jio, first of all, Jio shared it with his customer.

For the first year of whatever Jio sim or Jio phone will be purchased by Jio, Jio’s internet, calling, SMS, means that everything was free. It continued till Jio launched its internet plan till then Jio was absolutely free.

Jio had made internet free for all new customers for 1.5 years for their new customer. We also enjoyed a lot with Jio’s internet. Everything was free, so we had no tension of internet data, we did what we had to download. The computer hard dish was full but the internet plan of Jio did not end. In fact, what Jio did is hardly done by any other company.

 know about vi Simcard?

 know about vi Simcard

Full name of Vi. In the last article, I had given information about VI SIM card and vi internet plan. But let me also tell you that “V” means Vodafone and: “I” mean Idea.

Vodafone and Idea together launched the Vi brand. I have told earlier that when Jio was launched, all the people were given free internet for 1.5 years. In India, the same people can move forward who give something to people in the name of free. And some time Jio gave free internet to all the people. Similarly, if the vi Simcard company also gives free internet to the people then people can switch from Jio to vi Simcard.

If Vi Sim card company has the same plan as Jio and other company then no one wants to bother themselves. Because everybody is lazy. If the vi Simcard is given to some people in the name of free, then people will give up their laziness in the matter of free and can come in vi sim card from another company or buy vi Simcard again. This will happen when the company gives something free and in today’s date people prefer to use free internet.

Benefits of Jio Simcard in 2020.

Benefits of Jio Simcard in 2020

No company can provide such service which is providing Jio service in 2020. Because you all know that from December 2019, the TRAI rule was implemented, this rule was applicable to both DTH and mobile SIM card. Under this rule, SIM card customers are under heavy losses.

Before December 2019, in any company, even if we did not do any recharge in our SIM card, incoming calls came to us. But now after December 2019, if we get a minimum recharge of Rs 49 in any SIM card, then only we get incoming and outgoing calls and calls go.

Even if a SIM card is not used much, it will have to get a recharge of Rs 49 every month. For this reason, people joined Jio company leaving other companies. Because even if we do not get any recharge plan in Jio, we get a free facility of the incoming calls. If we have to use a call or internet, then by recharging from Rs 149 in Jio you can use unlimited call SMS and internet for 1 month. If Vi Simcard also provides services like Jio, then Jio can compete otherwise Jio cannot target Simcard.

Best Internet Plan Jio Vs Vi Sim card in 2020

Populer Jio Internet Plan 1.5 GB Per Day Package
Plan Rs. Validity Benefits
2121₹ 336 Days 504 GB
777₹ 84 Days 131 GB
555₹ 84 Days 126 GB
399₹ 56 Days 84 GB
199₹ 28 Days 42 GB

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Populer Jio Internet Plan  2 GB Per Day Package
Plan Rs. Validity Benefits
2599₹ 336 Days 740 GB
2399₹ 84 Days 730 GB
599₹ 84 Days 168 GB
444₹ 56 Days 112 GB
249₹ 28 Days 56 GB

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Populer Jio Internet Plan JioPhone
Plan Rs. Validity Benefits
155₹ 28 Days 28 GB
185₹ 28 Days 56 GB
125₹ 28 Days 14 GB
75₹ 28 Days 3 GB

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What is the Best Vi Vs Jio? Best Internet Plan Jio Vs Vi Sim card in 2020 If there are any questions on this topic, then please comment below.