What is Mobile | Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Technology


Hello friends! Welcome to our website, in this post we will know what is mobile and what is the history of mobile. And at the same time, you will also know the advantages of mobile phones and the disadvantages of mobile phones?

Friends, in today’s time, mobile, has become an essential part of everyone’s daily life. Mobile is used in various fields, like education, communication, etc. As far as it is expected, you will also be reading this article on your mobile. Let friends know about mobile.

What is Mobile-: Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Technology


What is Mobile- Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile

What is Mobile?

A mobile phone is a wireless device, using which two users can contact each other. They can call each other or make written messages to communicate. And nowadays mobile phones have become so advanced that by using them you can play games or take photos. Apart from this, you can do a lot more by using mobile like the internet and maps, etc.

History of Mobile

In 1926, mobile phones were first provided to passengers traveling between Berlin and Hamburg. The first public call was made in 1973 by Martin Cooper, general manager of the Motorola Company, at that time the weight of the mobile phone was 1.1 kg.

In 1992, the United Kingdom sent SMS Message for the first time and initiated it. You will be surprised to know that the famous iPhone was launched in 2007. And the well-known company, Samsung launched its first smartphone Galaxy S in 2010.

How does a mobile phone work?

Friends, if you have seen an old mobile phone, then it used to have an antenna, as it is in a walkies-talkie. By looking at the old design of the mobile phone, the working process of the mobile phone can be estimated. Actually, the mobile phone is a two-way radio in which the mobile phone acts as a transmitter and receiver. When the user speaks on a mobile phone, the mobile phone acts like a transmitter and the one who listens to acts as a mobile receiver. And mobile phone towers are used to transmit mobile phone signals.

Initially, mobile phones were used only for making contacts. But now slowly, while changing the mobile phone, we have made the mobile so advanced that we can do almost all the work of the computer in the mobile. So we can say that mobile phones are an evolved form of walkies-talkies, which works on the principle of radio waves.

Advantage of Mobile phone
  • You can contact your friend or relative in any corner of the world using a mobile phone.
  • Using the smartphone, you can click on the photo, so that you can make a particular moment memorable and save it.
  • You can also entertain by using mobile phones, such as listening to songs, watching movies or playing games.
  • In mobile phones, we can use the internet, using the internet, we can do many things, including studies.
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The disadvantage of Mobile phone

While there are many advantages to mobile phones, but there are also many disadvantages of mobile phones, some of which are written below.


  • Due to the presence of mobile phones, people are always engaged in mobile phones and do not pay attention to things around them.
  • Mobile phones increase extra expenses, such as calls and Internet bills.
  • The mobile phone is proving to be very deadly for the students because today’s student stays on mobile all day and wastes his time on social media, which is giving very less attention to studies, which is very bad for a student’s future.
  • Through a lot of research, it has been found that the radio waves from the mobile phone have a horrible effect on human health.
  • The extent is when people are busy on mobile while driving, which causes an accident.

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