In this article, we will learn about “What is a Refrigerator, How does the Refrigerator work and the Refrigerator’s Advantage and Disadvantage.”


All about What is a Refrigerators

At the present time having a Refrigerator is so important because it acts as a preservative by saving our food and beverages from spoiling. A refrigerator is a mintage that has been changed the way of saving our food and other eatable stuff in different ways.

From inside the Refrigerator cools down the temperature to make the food fresh for a longer time by taking the power of a compressor. Every year the temperature of the atmosphere is rising rapidly so it is important to keep our food in a cool place so that food can be saved from spoiling.

By lowering down the temperature, the Refrigerators slow down the growth of bacteria and maintain our food from spoiling. To prevent spoiling of food, it is a must to stop bacterial growth in your food, and lowering down the temperature refrigerator does so.

Now the question is how does a refrigerator was ended main and what are the main parts of the refrigerator?

The refrigerator consists of a few components that play an important role in the refrigeration process.

What is a Refrigerator
What is a Refrigerator

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• Compressor

The compressor constricts the refrigerant vapor by increasing pressure and pushes it into the coil on the outside of the refrigerator.

• Evaporator

An evaporator helps to keep the food and beverages cool. As the evaporator sucks all the heat produced by the hot food and by the heat, the liquid refrigerant turns into vapor.

• Condensers

A condenser helps in gaseous refrigerant in getting liquefied by drying up the heat.

• Refrigerant

Refrigerant acts as a coolant as it dries up the heat from inside the refrigerators to cool down the air.

Working in a Refrigerator?

Firstly the compressor increases the pressure of the gaseous refrigerant to increase the volume point of refrigerant and after passing through the condenser, condensation takes place and vapor refrigerant turns out in liquid then passes through the capillary tube to decrease the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant and then the refrigerant of low temperature and low pressure goes through evaporator from where it takes to heat and then the boiling point of the refrigerator becomes low and makes the temperature cool and this cycle continues again and again to make the temperature cooler.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Refrigerator:

Advantages of a Refrigerator:

what is a refrigerator
What is a Refrigerator

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• Refrigerator helps to preserve our eatable stuff by stopping the growth of bacteria in our food.

• A freezer in a refrigerator stores food at extremely low temperature that helps the food from being Spoilt.

• You can make different kinds of foodstuffs that can be made only at a low temperature such as ice cream and other cold food items.

• Refrigeration always keeps the cooling chain continue and this results in Breaking Down the more growth bacterial growth.

• By keeping our foods in the refrigerator you can maintain the cleanliness and hygienic properties of your food.

• Refrigeration maintains the nutritional properties of foods and beverages.

Disadvantages of a Refrigerator:


• The main disadvantage of having a refrigerator is that a refrigerator needs the energy to run, it means electricity, and we have to pay more electricity bill if we run a refrigerator in our home. Refrigeration costs us to run.

• The refrigerator is not Eco-friendly as it contains CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) that is very harmful to us.

• Sometimes in many foods, the nutritive property of food fades away due to refrigeration and loses their taste and can be toxic for us.

• A gas named ‘Freon’ is used in a refrigerator that is a harmful pollutant gas which causes more global warming.


There are both advantages and disadvantages of refrigerators try to purchase refrigerators by keeping all these notes in mind. It might help you to know more about refrigerators.

There are different kinds of refrigerators in the markets such as?

what is a refrigerator
What is a Refrigerator

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• Top-Freezer Refrigerators

• Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

• Freezer fewer Refrigerators

• Side by side Refrigerators

• French door Refrigerators

• Counter-depth Refrigerators

• Compact Refrigerators

• Wine Refrigerators

These are the different kinds of refrigerators that you can purchase easily.

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