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Today we will talk about Videocon D2H Remote, what is D2H RF Remote?, How can pairing D2H RF Remote. Which remote should we take RF or IR? How much does Videocon D2H Remote cost? This Post CopyRight By WifiDTH.COM

What is D2H RF Remote?

D2H RF Remote
D2H RF Remote

RF Remote is remote control of Videocon D2H, which is a type of wireless remote. This remote has no Sensor and this RF remote works for a distance of 300 feet.

Even if you want to control this remote from your roof, you can easily change any channel in your D2H Set-top box, meaning that you can control your set-top box up to 300 feet. The full name of the RF Remote is Radio Frequency Remote Control.

What is D2H IR Remote?

D2H IR Remote
D2H IR Remote

D2H IR Remote is a Videocon D2H remote that works for 10-13 feet if we get a rough idea of this, then we can assume that D2H IR Remote will work in its Room-Room only.

To run the D2H IR Remote, we have to run D2H IR Remote towards the set-top box, it will not work if we do not turn this remote towards the set-top box.

How to do D2H Remote Pairing?

See D2h Remote Pairing is very easy, D2h Remote does not guide you to do Pairing correctly, so you cannot do D2h Remote Pairing.

To do D2h Remote Pairing, first, you have to factory reset your set-top box, to reset the factory you will first see a Reset Button on the back of your D2H set-top box.

First of all, you have to press Reset Button for 12-15 seconds, if you press Reset Button correctly then when you release Reset Button then a message will come on top of the TV screen. [YOUR Remote Pairing is Remove.]

If this message does not come on top of the TV screen, then it does not matter, you have to take care that you have to press the Reset Button correctly.

After leaving Reset Button you have to press * Button from your remote for 10-12 seconds, after that whenever you release * Button then you have to press Ok button 2 times from your remote.

If you do not press the ok button 2 times from your remote, then 3 digit code will not come for remote pairing on your TV screen.

The 3 digit code that comes on the TV screen has to be pressed from your remote, you will be D2H RF remote Pairing.

Does nobody tell this way of doing D2h Remote Pairing if you ask someone how do D2h Remote Pairing? Then you will say that first reset the factory to your set-top box, then press the * button from the remote for 10-12 seconds and then ok. Then the code will come after pressing the code, the remote will be pairing – no one will tell it That you have to press ok 2 times.

d2h remote

Which D2H remote should take RF or IR?

See, it depends on the D2H set-top box which is your set-top box. If your set-top box is RF, then you have to take RF remote, if your set-top box is IR then you have to take IR remote.

Because if you have RF Set Top Box and you buy IR Remote then it will not work, because RF Remote will work in RF Set Top Box RF Radio Frequency Remote Control, it does not have a Sensor, it is a wireless remote, it is wifi key. Works like, while the IR remote has a Sensor that works room to room.

How to Test D2H RF Remote?

See, there is no way to test the D2H RF Remote, if your D2H RF Remote does not work, then you change the battery of your D2H RF Remote because D2H RF Remote is an LED remote, it is very bad There is less chance.

If the remote does not work even after changing the battery of your D2H RF Remote, then re-pairing means that pairing (connecting) the remote again.

We can test any IR remote whether the remote is defective or correct. To check the IR remote, you have to open the camera in your smart mobile, after that press any button from the remote, place the remote’s Sensor on the mobile camera.

If the mobile camera is getting light from the remote sensor, then understand that your IR remote is right, if the light is not getting, then understand the remote is bad or change the battery of the remote.

What is D2H Remote Price RF & IR?

D2H Remote 2 Typ comes.

  1. Original Remote
  2. Duplicate Remote

Original Remote has a higher price and duplicates remote has a lower price. Price of Original Remote Local Market.

  1. RF – Remote Original = Rs 300 – Rs 350
  2. IR – Original Remote = Rs 250 – Rs 300
  3. Duplicate – First Copy = Rs 150
  4. Duplicate – Second Copy = Rs 100
  5. Duplicate – Third Copy = Rs 50-70

D2H Remote Pairing Video On YouTube.

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