New Dell Laptops

Hello friends, in this post today we will talk about Dell laptops. In this post, we will tell you whether you should get a Dell laptop or not.

If you are thinking of getting a Dell laptop, then what should be kept in mind to buy a Dell laptop.

I bought a new Dell laptop on December 2, 2019, when I bought the laptop, I did not take the Dell laptop shortcomings and later on, I am very sorry, so whenever you buy a new laptop, never ignore the laptop shortcomings.

New Dell Laptops model Number 5570 i5 8th Gen

Now let me give you my review of my new Dell laptop.

Dell Laptop Model Number Inspiron 5570
Dell Laptop Processor Intel Core I5
Dell Laptop Gen. 8th Gen
Graphics Card Radeon Graphics 2 GB
Operating System Windows 10
Operating System Type 64 bit
Display Size 15.6 Inches
Display Type LED
Display Touchscreen No


Ram Speed 2400 Mhz
Ram Capacity 8GB
Expandable Memory 16GB


Hard Disk HDD 2 Tb
HDD Speed (RPM) 5400 RPM


DVD Drive No
Keyboard Standard Keyboard with Light
Fingerprint Scanner No


Laptop Warranty 1 Year
Warranty Offer Pay 999 2 Year Extra (1+2=3 Year)


Dell Laptop I5, 5570, 8th Gen, 8GB RAM, 2TB Hard Disk, Laptop Bag, Ac adapter, User Guide Menu
Dell Laptop Price 55000/-
Buy Link> Amazon(Us) Amazon(IN), Flipkart

Dell laptop model number is 5570 Disadvantage.

Dell laptop model number is 5570 Disadvantage, which I do not like if you like it, then you can see the full details of the laptop from the link given above.

Dell laptop model number 5570 has some disadvantages which are reducing the quality of the laptop. The rest of the laptops are of very good quality.

The disadvantage for My Dell Laptop 5570

  1. Notification Button Light

Notification is not Button Light. Why is this important? This is important because the Windows laptop hangs a lot. God forbid the laptop works great, but do you know if the screen of the laptop sometimes starts to see, how will you know if our laptop is in on mode or off mode?

If the laptop is full discharge and our laptop is not on, then how do we know whether our laptop is discharged or the laptop is defective?

If there was a Notification Button Light then we would easily know that our laptop is in on mode.

2.No Light Number lock Button

In this Dell laptop, no notification light is lit when you press the number keyboard lock button. Due to this, people and children have a lot of trouble, if there was a notification light on the number keyboard lock button in this laptop, then it would have been very good.

3.No Remove Battery

If your laptop hangs, then you try to turn off the laptop with the power button. If the laptop is not turned off by the power button, then power out the laptop by turning it out Battery. But in this Dell laptop, there is no option to get out a battery. If there was an option to get the battery out in this Dell laptop then it would have been great.

4.No DVD Reader

You cannot install a DVD on this laptop because this laptop does not have the option of DVD reader.

5.Window 10 Slow Speed

If you have a Windows laptop, it will hang. But Windows 7 hangs almost as low if it has at least 8GB of RAM. If Windows 10 is used in the system then your laptop will hang. At least 8gb of RAM is very important in Windows 10.

6.No Save Settings Button Changes

I did not like the option of autosave settings in Windows 10 laptops. If this laptop was accidentally buttoned to a child and even if it has not changed the settings. After changing the settings on this laptop, there is an option of confirming save the setting. This is not good for Windows 10 users. It would have been great if there was an option to confirm save setting after changing the setting.

7.Slow Charging

I took this laptop on 2 December 2019 and this model is new, yet this laptop model number 5570 does not have fast charging. If this laptop model number 5570 had fast charging then this laptop would have been the best laptop of 2019.

8.Fast Discharge Laptop

As stated by the company, the betel of Dell laptop model number 5570 will run for 4 hours but there is nothing like that. The laptop battery lasts only for 3 hours. It depends on how we use the laptop.

9.Mouse clicking noise

If you are running a laptop at night and your wife is sleeping near you, then you may get very abused by your wife because there is a lot of bad sound in mouse clicks on the laptop. Left and right clicks of the mouse make a very bad sound.

10. Charger for Dell Laptop

The biggest problem in this laptop of Dell is not fast charge and at the same time, the charger of the biggest problem the laptop gets very hot.

But one good thing about this laptop is that when your laptop is fully charged then your charger automatically disconnects, this is a good thing for this Dell laptop. If the charger is automatically disconnected, then the daughter of your laptop will not deteriorate for long. The charger automatic disconnect should be in all laptops, this is a very good system in the Dell laptop 5570 model number.

Final Words

I bought this laptop on December 2, 2019, the experience of 7 days which I shared with you, how did you like my article. If my article is liked then definitely like, share, and comment. Thank you

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