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LIC Term Insurance Plan: Review Insurance Plan in 2020 

Hello, How are you guys? I hope you all are healthy and well. It is still going in 2020. And in 2020, the world is on the verge of being 20-20. Are you understanding what I am saying to all of you?

Meaning, friends, you all know COVID-19 is going on in the world now. And in today’s time, people are very conscious about their health. I also request all of you to take care of your health.

In today’s time, everyone is taking Health Insurance, do you know which insurance is best for you. So that you can take care of your health as well as the health of your family.

LIC Term Plan Insurance

What is Health Insurance?

In today’s time, everyone knows what is Health Insurance. Again, it is my job to tell you small things as well, Friends Health Insurance is the one in which we can get the protection of our Health. Again, it is my job to tell you small things as well, Friends Health insurance is the one in which we can get the protection of our health. We have to buy this security in the name of insurance. And this protection has to be bought while we are alive.

According to my knowledge, There are 2 types of Insurance, the first one is the Normal Insurance Plan and the second is Term Insurance Plan.

Health Insurance

Normal insurance:  Normal insurance is that in which we select monthly or yearly plans till some minimum age, after that we get that money back after a while by adding some interest. But there are also some people who cannot fill normal insurance on time, they always incur late fees. I advise those people not to buy a normal Insurance Plan.

Because if we do not pay for normal Insurance on time, then we have to pay late fees. And after several years we are given back by adding some%.

Some people can fill such plans only for a few years. After that, forget that money and even such insurance. Which means a direct loss to the general public. If you can fill normal Insurance in time, then it is best for you otherwise it is not a plan for you.

Term Insurance Plan: Now let’s talk about the Term Insurance Plan. Let me tell you, I like the Term Insurance Plan very much because it is a feature of this plan that we do not have to pay money every month. And this term insurance plan is very cheap.

In this Term Insurance Plan, we have to pay installments 1 time in 1 year, in the meantime, if a user gets a problem, then the company with the Term Insurance Plan takes all its full expenses, it depends on which plan you take. For one crore term plan, it takes about 10 thousand rupees for 1 year.

Bank employees will never talk to you about a Term Insurance Plan. Neither will you give any term plan. Because there is no benefit in the term plan except for the customer. Banks and bank employees benefit greatly in the normal Insurance Plan.

Once in a term plan year, the bank employees get the benefit in 1 year whereas, in the normal plan, the customer submits his installments month to month, which benefits both the bank and the bank employees. While the customer is at a disadvantage. If he does not pay his installments on time.

Life Insurance Vs Other Savings.

Life Insurance Vs Other Savings. It is very difficult to say these two words in one word. Life Insurance Vs Other Savings. If I tell the meaning of these two words, then one meaning is the same. Because in Life Insurance, we deposit a fixed monthly installment, irrespective of whether it is LIC life insurance or in any bank. In Life Insurance, we have to deposit payments for many years, after which some commission is added and given back to us. Another benefit of Life Insurance is that we also get accident insurance which we do not get this benefit in other Savings.

You must do life insurance because in life insurance you get accident insurance, God bless you, if something happens to you then even if something happens, you will get accident insurance also. Whereas if you save a payment in a bank, then you will get some% interest only.

Who Can Buy A Policy?

Anyone can buy insurance or policy. There are some rules for getting LIC policy for children, keeping them in mind, you can get a policy plan or insurance for your children. If you are thinking of getting health insurance, then your health test can also be done. So that you can know the status of your health.

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LIC Plans Policy Product Name
Micro Plan New Jivan Mangal, Micro Bachat
Health Plan Jeevan Arogya, Cancer Cover
Whole Life Plan Jeevan Umang
Term Plans Tech- Term, Jeevan Amar
Children Plan Children Money Back Plan, Jeevan Tarun
Money-Back Plan Jeevan Shiromani, Bima Shree
Pension Plan Pradhan Mantri Yojna, Jeevan Shanti
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Final Word- All this information is based on my knowledge, to know more about the LIC plan go to the LIC office or LIC official website.