Independent Tv se Kiska fayda huaa?


Who benefited and suffered from Independent TV?

Independent TV has been closed for more than 1 month, and till now there is no action for Independent TV, this is the Independent TV who promised us a 1 + 4 year in August 2018, owls to all of us today Drained and escaped. I have a question for all of you?

Will you sit hand in hand or do something?

Yes, you and we cannot do anything, you know why we cannot, because we do not have time, we can take the time to enjoy but cannot do the time to do good work…which has happened.

He has taken steps regarding Independent TV, which has chosen to threaten customers due to Independent TV, due to the customer’s threat, some independent TV dealers have appealed to the government, as you can see in the photo below.


Independent Tv
Independent TV

Who benefited and lost from Independent TV?

Truly speaking, no one benefited from Independent TV, Independent TV’s 1.5 million customers and 80 zonal distributors cheated more than 400 crores, Independent TV’s original name is Pantel Technology It is a company from Uttar Pradesh. Due to the closure of Independent TV, some dealers and Distributer of Independent TV are getting very upset as Independent TV customers are threatening the dealer. Customers believe that we have bought Independent TV from you and we have also taken 1 year subscription together.

Some dealers of Independent TV have appealed to the government, below you can see the application.


What is going on today?

Friends, today, due to no action of Independent TV, dealers are putting Airtel Digital TV and TataSky to the customer from their pocket, this time the dealer has suffered a lot.

What will happen to Independent TV?

Friends, there is no response to Independent TV at the moment, I just heard that Independent TV will be operational on July 3, but this information is not confirmed, I got this information from the website of Independent TV, you can see it in the photo below.


Due to the absence of independent TV, people thought it appropriate to install Airtel Digital TV and Tata Sky, as Airtel TV has allowed the customer to install the set-box without an umbrella, as well as airtel tv has made an offer in which Only the set top box is available for Rs 60, the set top box of Rs 60 will be available when the customer recharges for 6 months.

It is as follows: – Airtel TV company is offering the package name in Velu Sports Light plan of Rs 340 only, like – price of 340×6 = Rs 2040 set top box Velu Sports Light 340 Rs 2100 for 6 months, Rs 2100-2040 = 60 You are getting a set box. Many channels are also available in Valhu sports light plan.


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