[Last Updated: 28-Aug-2020] In this post we will talk about the Lapu sim card, I have been asked many times on youtube how to open apps of Airtel DTH, Tatasky, DishTV, Videocon d2h all this, and how to load balance in all these apps.

How to get LAPU Number for Airtel and what is Lapu Top 6 App
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First of all, know what is Lapu Recharge? In our mobile, we all use the normal SIM card. By using this SIM card, we can use call, SMS, and internet in our mobile,

While the Lapu sim card is the sim card from which we call the master sim card or can also speak the Lapu sim card, the shopkeeper uses this Simcard, the Dealer transfers the balance to his customer from this Lapu sim card, this transaction normal Can also be done from mobile and the balance can be transferred to the customer using smart mobile.

After the arrival of Jio SIM in the market, no shopkeeper uses normal mobile, because of the internet is cheaper, all the companies have launched their own Dealer app.

Such as: – ➡ Click And Check Details

    1. mBoss App for Airtel DTH.
    2. DishTV BIZ for DishTV
    3. D2h trade App for Videocon d2h
    4. mSales for Tatasky

Each company has a different app and all company has a different distributor.

If you want to become a dealer, then you have to go to your Nearest Distributor, from there you have to register your Lapu number, even if you have a normal SIM card, that number can also be made Lapu number, If you want me to get a new Lapu number you can still do it.

But I believe that you have a normal number, make it a Lapu number so that it is easy to use.

How to load Lapu Balance All Simcard

Now let’s talk about how to load balance in your Lapu? To load Lapu balance, you have created your Lapu sim card from where your Lapu balance can be loaded and no one can transfer the balance to your Lapu number.

If you want me to change the distributor, then you can do this for this, you will have to talk to the area TSM, after taking approval from the TSM company, your distributer will change, but the distributor who is your distributor is you Will load the balance in Lapu, the Distributor who has your Lapu mobile number registered, only the Distributor can load your balance and no one else can

Find ALL DTH Distributor

Find D2H Dealer & Distributor. ➡ Click And Check Details

Find Tata sky Dealer & Distributor.

Find DishTV Dealer & Distributor.

All DTH Apps Features ( Mboss, Msales, DishTV Biz, D2H Trade)

With all these mobile applications, we can do everything such as change the package, add an add-on, add-on or remove the fur channels, see basic details of the customer such as what customer plan, monthly charging It has been said, we can also see which channel Xtra adds, in simple language, if you can do everything, then there is not even 85% need to call customer care.

If you have any question in your mind, then please comment if we do – thank you

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