Hello, friends, in this post today we will talk about How to change the Tata Sky Registered Mobile Number First 2020 means how can we change the mobile numbers of Tata Sky?

change Tata Sky Registered Mobile Number
change Tata Sky Registered Mobile Number

What are Benefits add tata sky Registered Mobile Number?

First of all, I want to tell you why it is important to get your mobile number registered in Tata Sky? If I talk about Tatasky 2020, then when we buy the tata sky new connection, then we have to register a mobile number in Tatasky. It Will not happen, because an OTP (One time password) will come on the TV screen and mobile to activate the tata sky new connection! We have to give this OTP to the Tatasky engineer. Only then our Tatasky connection can start.

The second advantage is that by registering your mobile number in Tatasky, any new information related to our Tatasky account will come directly to our mobile number! Such as Tatasky recharge offer, tata sky monthly plan-related information, when we recharge tata sky, we get SMS on direct mobile, which confirms that our Tatasky account has been recharged!

The third advantage is that when we buy a tata sky new connection, then we get service free from Tatasky. The name of that service is the Tatasky live tv app when we activate an OTP (One time password) on our mobile. By putting this OTP in Tatasky live tv, we can enjoy Tatasky live tv as well as manage the Tatasky account with our own glory, such as: add or delete a channel in Tatasky account, change Tatasky package and many more.

How To Create my tata sky account?

Let us know, friends, how to create your account on Mytatasky.com? Creating an account on Mytatasky.com is very simple and simple, anyone can make it when we visit Mytatasky.com, then we have two options, first get logion from your Tatasky id or then your registered mobile number password, Enter the email and get logion. Select an option. Both options will be OTP (One time password) After applying OTP, your MyTataskyaccount will open.


How to Change Registered Mobile Number in Tata Sky First 2020?

Now let’s talk about how to change Tatasky’s mobile number, sit in the house, yes friendship is possible and Tatasky gives us a chance that we can change the mobile number of Tata Sky at home, visit mytatasky.com You can change many things in the account such as adding or deleting a channel in tata sky account, changing Tatasky package and changing your mobile number, adding Alternative mobile number and more.

How To Change TataSky Wrong Registered Mobile Number?

On mytatasky.com we can change only the mobile number which we have and that mobile will Come a mobile OTP, that OTP we have to enter on mytatasky.com, if we do not have a Wrong mobile number, then we will have our new mobile number We cannot call in Tatasky customer care, for this we cannot register, from that we can change our wrong mobile number by giving us some information Like:- Last recharge, monthly plan, address, and more) Customer care number (18002086633 )

Tata Sky Change Registered Mobile Number in 2 Steps.

You can also do it yourself to change Tata Sky Registered Mobile Number. For this, you have to log in on My Tata Sky website, after login you can change your Tata Sky Registered Mobile Number.  But to change the Tata Sky Registered Mobile Number, it is very important to have an old mobile number. Because when login with old Tata Sky mobile number, a one-time password will come on your mobile number. Only after inserting this OTP can you change the old Tata Sky Registered Mobile Number.

The second option to change Tata Sky Registered Mobile Number is Call Tata Sky Customer Care. But getting changes from Tata Sky Registered Mobile Number customer care is not easy yet.

When you call Tata Customer Registered Mobile Number to change Tata Customer Care, you will have to face many options. Tata Sky Customer Care will ask you the answers to some questions, you will have to give the correct answer to the same questions, only then you can change the Tata Sky Registered Mobile Number.

Tata Sky: These questions will be something like this.

  1. What are the names?
  2. What is the address?
  3. When did the last recharge and get it done online or offline?
  4. How much is your plan going on in Tata Sky?
  5. What is the old mobile number? (if you do not know the old number, then tell them that the old number is wrong).

If you give the answers to all these questions correctly then your wrong Tata Sky mobile number can be changed.
In the first process, you can change your mobile number, but the second option is Wrong to change the Tata Sky mobile number.

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